Thursday, April 30, 2009

Toejam and Earl

Preliminary work for the Toejam and Earl piece for Seminar.

....ihatechoo for making me do characters again, Ryan.

Gogol Bordello

First stab at the Gogol Bordello concert poster. Since my screens wont burn right (...yeah I've gotta buy actual screens soon...) I'm trying this technique me and Joe talked about - basically mimicking screen printing on an inkjet printer.

Oh and Gogol Bordello with Man Man playing Boston in June?! How the hell did that slip under my radar?!...I'm slipping.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another attempt at Carmen

I decided to take another stab at the Carmen piece.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open House Award

Bridget Endowed Fund - $1000 tuition credit Jeffrey Chouiniere

Presented by Mark Hoffmann

Criteria: This scholarship is to be designated for students who have excelled artistically and academically concentrating in any medium who will be continuing at Montserrat College of Art.  Secondly, priority will be given to students with significant financial need.  It can be awarded to any academic department.

 This fund is named in honor of Gail von Metzsch’s mother, Bridget, the daughter of poor Irish immigrants who had to leave school in ninth grade to work and contribute to the family income after her father’s death.  Throughout her life, Bridget emphasized the value of an education and instilled this value in her daughter, Gail by reiterating how much she enjoyed school.    

Gail believes strongly that if Bridget had had an opportunity to continue her education it would have made a significant difference in her life. This scholarship is established as a fitting tribute to her influence as a role model and a loving mother.

...Wish I would've gone >_<

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Breast cancer fluff piece.

Of all people I was asked to make a piece of work to be auctioned off for a breast cancer awareness thing. Seriously?

Current work!

I was bored.
Infographic for Venuszine magazine (this may actually get published!)
Movie poster 'unnamed' (get on it guys!)

Theatre poster for Carmen

Digital Catch-up

Illustration Seminar catch up

PSA for a greyhound racing rehabilitation group.
Men's Health: Abusing the Pill
Esquire: How to Wear a Black Tie

Yankee: Beating Seasonal Depression

Illustration 4!

Wilco concert poster
American Airlines advertisement "grow your miles faster"

Illustration 3!

Here's the last of last semester's uploads. Illustration 3 with Joe!
Portrait of Ben Folds

Alphabet book pages
Article about Men and Myspace (and the lack of sex organs men have to exploit comparatively).

Portrait of the amazingly multi-talented Dennis Hopper.

More editorial!

For an article about girls growing up too fast.

Portrait of Tom Waits

For an article about women getting cleavage tattoos.

Now for Editorial!

Well here's some more catch-up work from last semster. This time it's Lauren's Editorial Illustration class. Enjoy!

For an article about a girl who regrets getting married too young.
Spot illustration for the subject of "Nature vs. Nurture"
For an article about the westernization of the east.

For an article about the death of Starbucks.

Abe Lincoln the pirate.
sic semper tYAAAAAARannis

Children's Book from last semester.

I guess I'll start this party off with some work from last semester, get caught up a little.
This is some've the children's book stuff from Kelly's Children's Book Illustration class.
a couple character concepts from class.

Some of the sample pages we had to make along with the cover.

And a sample page (with no text >_<>