Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gogol Bordello

First stab at the Gogol Bordello concert poster. Since my screens wont burn right (...yeah I've gotta buy actual screens soon...) I'm trying this technique me and Joe talked about - basically mimicking screen printing on an inkjet printer.

Oh and Gogol Bordello with Man Man playing Boston in June?! How the hell did that slip under my radar?!...I'm slipping.


  1. I want to see Gogol Bordello and Man Man, that would be an amazing concert! But I digress, I really like the imagery of this, the whimsical hair and mustache on the closest doll mimics the feeling of the band well. The dot on the left of the doll behind's head though is a little odd, is it meant to be an in blot?

    And how does one mimic screen printing with a inkjet printer?

  2. The way you do it is by separating the colors like you would on a screen and reprinting it each time for each separate color. So that textured background was one print, put it back into the paper tray and printed each one've the dolls and then the yellow. It gives it a slight misregistered look like a screen but allows you to do textured layers which is cool.

    That extra little blip was just another piece of ink that splattered out while I was doing the hair. It can be taken out pretty easily.