Tuesday, April 20, 2010

acrylic on bfk

My little ode to growing up in suburbia. You're not quite in the city but you're not quite in nature.

So...I think it might be time to invest in a bigger scanner.
That or I need to start working a tiny bit smaller. Sorry about the crappy picture, camera phones don't work too well for taking great archival shots. I'll try to scan this sucker in chunks once the ink is finally dry (in like 3 days...I gotta start doing the borders a little thinner, too.)

Continued exploration of acrylic washes on bfk. I like the texture of the paper but I need to find something that holds up to tape and masking fluid better because this just tears apart when you take it off. I might go back to the watercolor paper...it's just so damned expensive.

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