Monday, May 3, 2010

Color corrected the new Carmen piece and found the old font and updated it (it feels way better to me).

Getting everything updated for a new website update...ugh


  1. The re-working of this is gorgeous! I particularly like the way you've coloured the text - it feels way more integrated now. Is that oil?

  2. That's actually the acrylic I've been toying with. I use soft-body acrylic and dilute it down basically to watercolor and then paint on BFK (it's got enough tooth to hold the water). So it handles a lot like watercolor but it layers really beautifully like an acrylic.

    The only issues I've had with it are;
    I can't mask with tape of fluid or it tears up the paper.
    I can't use ink for the linework because it doesn't like to sit on top of the acrylic if the paint gets too thick.
    I can't seem to get a decent scan (this one really doesn't do it justice, it got way cloudier then it looks in person)

  3. Have you tried photographing instead of scanning? That might help with not having it come out all cloudy (I have to say, though, that if this is it looking not as good, I am seriously impressed).

    Are you using acrylic for the linework as well then? It looks really good.

  4. The linework is mostly acrylic but I bust out the colored pencil for some of the more intricate areas to get it a little tighter.